Welcome to TheRationalDebate Blog! is a place for rational people to debate real issues and to learn from real arguments on the issues that affect us the most.  To learn more about, check out the about page.  Here you can read all about the website and watch a few videos of the site in action.

I’m planning on using this blog to make site announcements, gather site feedback, and to comment on great debates and arguments going on at TheRationalDebate and elsewhere.  You can subscribe to this blog using the subscribe box to the right and check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

I’m really excited about TheRationalDebate.  If you agree with what the site is trying to accomplish, sign up and join in!  Also, I’m curious – what are your experiences with debating or arguing issues on the internet in the past?  Would a tool like have made arguing important issues easier/better/more productive?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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