Invite Your Friends to Join TheRationalDebate

Do you know someone who needs to organize their sources for arguments?  Were you having a discussion with someone who didn’t have backup for their claims?  If you do, then invite them to join  It’s easy!  Once you login, click the arrow or your name in the top right corner:


Just click the invite item, and a dialog box will pop up:


Put your friends’ email address in the “To” box.  If you want to send the invite to more than one person, simply put a comma between each email address.  You can personalize the email text by putting in your name (just click the gray box to change it), and you can also add whatever text you want to personalize the message.  After clicking the ‘Send Invite’ button, we’ll send the email and you’ll get a confirmation screen:


If you want to send another invite, just click the ‘Send Another’ link!

Editors note – this post was updated on November 12th, 2013 to update the text and pictures reflecting site updates since the post was originally published.

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