Major Updates to TheRationalDebate Released!

I’m happy to announce that a major overhaul of TheRationalDebate is now released!  The goals for this release are to:

  1. Simplify.  The site is now focused on opinion boards.  People weren’t using the debating features, so I decided to slim the site down and remove issues, arguments and comments.  The old data is all still available, so it can be restored if I ever decide to add it back.
  2. Improve the UI.  I’ve never been confused for a graphic designer, but I feel that the latest iteration of the site is cleaner and easier to use.
  3. Support Mobile.  Go ahead, try out the site with your smartphone or tablet.  It works much better now.

Check out TheRationalDebate and let me know what you think!

1 thought on “Major Updates to TheRationalDebate Released!

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